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Autism Assessment Form

Discovered that Autism affect children differently. The conditions would vary from child to child, thus the rate of recovery differs too. Based on acupuncture treatment, many Autism children are now living like normal children. There are a few though that continues to face challenges. We recommend that your child begins treatment at earliest age so the rate of recovery would be faster and greater.
Acupuncture herbal treatment has welcomed and treated more than many over autism patients from all walks of life, worldwide.

Acupunture treatment offers highly skilled and expert opinion, a positive attitude and more importantly, a high rate of autism recovery success.

All these tie to this philosophy neatly – create a better quality of life for patients so they are able to lead a happy and fulfilling future.
If you are unable to visit the Chinese Master's clinic, you can order the Brain Powder Herbs, please refer to the questionnaire for Autistic children .






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