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Autism Social and Communication

Delayed or unusual speech patterns (many autism children, for example, memorize video scripts and repeat them word for word with the precise intonation as the TV characters),

High pitched or flat intonation,

Lack of slang or "kidspeak,"

Difficulty understanding tone of voice and body language as a way of expressing sarcasm, humor, irony, etc.,

Lack of eye contact,

Inability to take another's perspective (to imagine oneself in someone else's shoes.

While many autism patients have terrific language skills, there are many who have no language at all. In between are people whose verbal skills are idiosyncratic: they may be perfectly able to talk, but have a very difficult time with conversation, small talk, and slang.

If your child show incredibly slow development, immediate bring to see doctor to make further examination. This will give your autism child receive treatment and special education so design can grow nicely.

Among sign that need monitored is:

Baby not talking baby's talk such as 'ba ba or me me , ect' when 12 month old.

Not make meaningful movement as show to one direction at the age 12 month.

Cannot talk a word even when 16 month old.

Cannot talk sentence contain two-break word when two-year-old.

Lost language proficiency or social at any age.

Treat autism with Chinese Master's Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment in KL

In KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment, Chinese Master provides methods of treatment acupuncture to treat autism. This methods of treatment is age-old are used to various treatment of disease. Many people had certified advantages of using this methods of treatment. Majority design have tried this method satisfied with positive development in whose see in young who already have autism. Therefore, no your loss use methods of treatment this is because am being secured safe and use medicament herbal.






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