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Autism Acupuncture

Autism Neuro Acupuncture technique with Autism Neuro Acupuncture Herbal Medicine KL Kuala Lumpur in treating autism involves the use of 4 needles to stimulate the proper flow of "Qi" (energy) in the brain.
Autism Neuro Acupuncture is a branch of acupuncture which requires insertion of needles on several points on the head. The needles are said to improve the "Qi" flow between neurons in the brain to improve communication, speech, behavior and intelligence.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, "Qi" energy can be used to promote smooth connections between neurons in the brain. Irregular connections between the thousands of neurons in the brain is believed the affect communication, behavior, speech and intelligence, In children, these irregular connections can manifest as attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism. To improve the connections, neuro herbal acupuncture can be applied. This branch of acupuncture is a specialized field that requires needles to be inserted on the top of the autism kid's head.

Autism Neuro Acupuncture is inserting 4 small needles into the head of the kids. There are divided into 28 different types of combinations. These 28 types of neuro acupuncture treatment is further divides into 8 different types of conditions :

1- Hyperactive conditions
2- Speech treatment
3- Communications
4- IQ Intelligence
5- Alertness, 6- Eye contact,
7- Behavior problem
8- Sensory treatment





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