Autism Food

Actually, autism kids are very sensitive about their food. According to our studies, there are a lot of evidence that shows autism kids easy to get food allergy.

Normally, autism kids will react faster towards variety of food. However, this situation are different between some autism kids. Thus, you have to do check-up and counseling session for the kids. After that, we need to go with Chinese Master neuro acupuncture treatment and also herbal brain powder for the kids. The most important is we will give some advices on the particular things of the children dietary.

This dietary may change depends on the improvement of the autism kids himself.


These are the types of food that autism should avoid :

1. Sweets

2. Ice Cream

3. Chocolate

4. Fast Food

5. Soft Drink

6. Cheese

7. Honey

8. Dates

9. Dairy product, including milk, bread, flour, wheat, oat

10. ect.


Fruit can be taken

1. Green Apple

2. Orange that isnot sweet

3. Pear that is not sweet

4. Papaya that is not sweet





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